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Services for Students with Disabilities

Students who have disabilities, including those with mobility limitations, speech, hearing or sight impairment, learning, or other disabilities covered by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, may receive reasonable educational accommodations.

To request accommodations, students with disabilities must go directly to the Student Service Office, where all disabilities must be verified with supporting documentation.

Student responsibilities may include:

  • Obtaining psychological/educational testing
  • Providing other verifying documents
  • Private tutoring (MATC does provide the Academic Center where a tutor is available to all students)
  • Personal attendance services, i.e., wheelchair attendants

Contact the Student Services Office for information on documentation needs and services available. Students are advised to make their request well in advance of the beginning of classes (especially advisable if the accommodation requires a textbook in an alternative format). Inquiries about reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities can be directed to Dallas Krout, Director of Student Services, at 572-215-2060.

Students with disabilities wishing to appeal decisions regarding accommodations planned or provided may request a grievance form from the office of the Non-Discrimination officer.  Call Dallas Krout Director of Student Services, at 572-215-2060 to request the form.