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Mid-America Technology Center Holds National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Posted Date: 04/17/2024

Mid-America Technology Center Holds National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony into the National Technical Honor Society was recently held for Mid-America Technology Center’s 148 new NTHS members. This celebratory event, held at Purcell First Baptist Church, was attended by a host of family and friends.

Senator Jessica Garvin was the guest speaker for the evening, where she focused on ‘Service’ and ‘Citizenship’, two of the seven NTHS member attributes.

To be eligible for NTHS membership, students must meet a specific set of criteria. The student must have a 93 or above in their technology program course work each semester, have no more than four absences per semester, perform community service, and be a member of their student organization.

The National Technical Honor Society has a mission to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, and enhance career opportunities for technical students. They provide recognition for excellence in technical education and create occupational opportunities for America's top workforce education students.

            The NTHS students for 2023-2024 are as follows:

Blanchard: Brooklyn Adams, Health Careers Explorer; Avery Autry-Aragon, Cosmetologist; Ava Britton, Health Careers Explorer; Reagan Cabaniss, Health Careers Explorer; Kyle Camua, Pre-Engineering; Whit Carpenter, Broadband Technician; Avion Elders, Combination Welder; Amy Garay, Criminal Justice Officer; Emily Griffin, Computer Aided Drafting & Design; Jakob Horn, Automotive Service Technician; Ally Hugues, Veterinarian Assistant; Brynn Madrone, Multimedia Specialist; Karli Martin, Horticulture Technician; Madison McMurtrey, Health Careers Explorer; Elijah Morrison, Criminal Justice Officer; Mallorie Pool, Health Careers Explorer; Morgan Robinson, Automotive Service Technician; Bri Taffar, Therapeutic Health Careers; Syreena Tallant, Veterinarian Assistant; Jayden Tucker, CareerTech Explorer; Sylvia Von Dollen, Graphic Design; Aidan Warner, Industrial Robotics & Automation

Bridge Creek: Matthew Anthony, Hortiiculture Technician; Whitley Daniels, Graphic Design; Nicole Hill,Heath Careers Explorer; Jaqueline Marquez, Health Careers Explorer; Mayan Sims, Cyber Security; Aisha Villalobos, Helath Careers Explorer; Bryton Wallis, Graphic Design

Dibble: Ford Boyd, Automotive Service Technician; Kloey Davis, Cosmetologist; Travis Skipper, Automotive Service Technician; Jayda Wall, Cyber Security

Elmore City: Aubree Mowatt, Veterinarian Assistant; Drake Riding, Residential Carpentry

            Lexington: Dax Beason, Combination Welder; Kalee Boatwright, Automotive Service Technician; Christian Chase, Criminal Justice Officer; Ingrid Espinoza, Health Careers Explorer; Madison Eubank, Therapeutic Health Careers; Daisy Fuentes, Medical Office Assistant; Ruby Fuentes, Health Careers Explorer; Jentri Garver, Criminal Justice Officer; Faith Humbolt, Cosmetologist; Brooklyn Johnson, Equine Production; Jace Johnson, Criminal Justice Officer; Ryan Johnson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Emma McMillan, Therapeutic Health Careers; David Ocampo, Veterinarian Assistant; Baylee Rillema, Cosmetologist; Peyton Standridge, Diesel Service Technician; Thore Langford, Multimedia Specialist; Candice White, Practical Nursing; Wyatt Woods, Diesel Service Technician  

            Lindsay: Daniel Bradley, Combination Collision Repair Technician; Allie Ferguson, Health Careers Explorer; Eleora Raisch, Industrial Robotics & Automation; Sydni Richardson, Therapeutic Health Careers; Aiden Scruggs, Cyber Security; Kennedy Smith, Therapeutic Health Careers; Jade Stephen, Criminal Justice Officer

Little Axe: Kylei Bibb, Health Careers Explorer; Brooklyn Corter, Computer Aided Drafting & Design; Jaycie Hamilton, Health Careers Explorer; Emily McDaniel, Health Careers Explorer; Serenity Roberts, Health Careers Explorer; Shawn Webster, Combination Welder

Maysville: Rossen Brooks, Residential Carpentry; Kensley Caldwell, Cosmetologist; Brianna Hunter, Residential HVAC Technician; Kyah Saldana, Horticulture Technician

Newcastle: Luis Acevedo, Automotive Service Technician; Jaden Calender, Business Office Assistant; Kendrick Callejas, Automotive Service Technician; Grady Downing, Automotive Service Technician; Morgan Doyle, Health Careers Explorer; Aliyahna Dunn, Horticulture Technician; Elizabeth Gladden, Medical Office Assistant; Alexis Harris, Business Office Assistant; Wiley Henry, Health Careers Explorer; Adrian Reyes, Automotive Service Technician; Tyler Romash, Cyber Security; Ava Wilson, Cosmetologist; Kealaula Wilson, Graphic Design

Noble: James Abbott, Automotive Service Technician; Katja Feuerborn, Health Careers Explorer; Landon Gentry, Combination Welder; Jimena Gonzalez-Velasco, Cosmetologist; Adryan Henderson, Multimedia Specialist; Kalib Honeycutt, Combination Welder; Evan Hunter, Combination Welder; Peyton Lay, Cosmetologist; Nocole Mahon, Nursing Services Advanced; Nicole Mahon, Nursing Services Advanced; Nocona Mata, Multimedia Specialist; Samuel Morgan, Horticulture Technician; Elizabeth Rowe, Multimedia Specialist; Hayden Schrock, Criminal Justice Officer; Thomas Stull, Cyber Security; Alexxis Willcox, Criminal Justice Officer

Norman: Cheyenne Garrett-Mendez, Practical Nursing; Jillian Hall, Health Careers Explorer; Dante Huntley, Criminal Justice Officer; Grant Scott, Equine Production

Paoli: Malina Holdsclaw, Veterinarian Assistant; Emmanuel Mercado, Health Careers Explorer

Pauls Valley: Makayla French, Health Careers Explorer; Kimberly Sevilla, Criminal Justice Officer; Zane Smith, Automotive Service Technician; Summer Throneberry, Criminal Justice Officer

Purcell: Lilian Calixto, Multimedia Specialist; Caitlynn Coulter, Criminal Justice Officer; Marcia Duque, Therapeutic Health Careers; Eleanor Feroli, Computer Aided Drafting & Design; Trenton Ford, Automotive Service Technician; Carter Goldston, Therapeutic Health Careers; Parker Goldston, Cyber Security Officer; Gavin Johnson, Pre-Engineering; Mia Jones, Multimedia Specialist; Peyton Lawson, Cosmetologist; Franklin Linker, Cyber Security; Logan Lovett, Cosmetologist; Carlos Pacheco, Medical Office Assistant; Samantha Percey, Criminal Justice Officer; Jordan Redus, Practical Nursing; Lydia Smith, Emergency Medical Technician; Seth Waitman, Building & Property Maintenance; Kyra Walker, Health Careers Explorer; Shakya Winlock, Health Careers Explorer

Stratford: Kennedy Layton, Therapeutic Health Careers

Sulphur: Cade Caraway, Diesel Service Technician

Tuttle: Ashleigh Collett, Veterinarian Assistant

Washington: Landon Barnes, Plumbing Assistant; David Calvert, Therapeutic Health Careers; McKenzie Conn, Therapeutic Health Careers; Taiden Craig, Criminal Justice Officer; Callum Dubois, Emergency Medical Technician; Logan Glasgow, Residential Carpentry; Karlie Haskins, Cyber Security; Shawn Summers, Pre-Engineering; Kaitlin Tacker, Criminal Justice Officer; Paisley Taylor, Multimedia Specialist

Wayne: Morgan Cross, Heath Careers Explorer; Madison Deck, Health Careers Explorer; Briana Helling, Practical Nursing; Rick Jensen, Building & Property Maintenance; Joseph Mantooth, Pre-Engineering

Wynnewood: Nathaniel Martin, Combination Welder; Addie Rozzell, Cosmetologist